Well Drilling & Services

Ditch the City Water

Ditch the City Water

Start the well drilling process for your property in Lyons Falls, Rome, Utica, St. Lawrence county, Lewis County, Jefferson County or the upstate New York area

Tired of paying for city water every month? Stop washing money down the drain. Rock Bottom Water Filtration will help you make the switch from city water to well service from a team based in Lyons Falls, NY. Rely on us to handle the entire process, from well drilling to pump installation. Plus, when all is said and done, we can install a filtration system to enhance the quality of your water.

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3 benefits of well water

Well drilling creates private, on-demand water service for you and your family. Rock Bottom Water Filtration will install a new well on your property.

Here are a few benefits to having a well service:

1. You'll save money. With a well service, you won't have to pay for city water anymore. You'll have a private water supply to use throughout your home and property.
2. It's dependable. When a city waterline breaks, a lot of residents lose their water. Since your well service is private, you won't have to rely on the city for water.
3. You're in control. You don't have to depend on the city to filter your water for you. You can install your own water filtration system for your well water.

Make the switch to well service for your property in Rome, Lyons Falls, or the greater upstate New York area. We can service up to a 50 mile radius. Call 315-767-2090 today to schedule an appointment.